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SpaceBoard is an online platform for everything related to space.

Join hundreds of members all around Europe and be part of a growing network of students, graduates and professionals in the field of space science and technology.
On our website you will find informative interviews of alumni, many intriguing student projects, noteworthy space news, useful links and forums to communicate and discuss what‘s on your mind. Sign up to dedicated areas on the platform for your space-associated Bachelor‘s and Master‘s programme to stay in touch with your fellow students.

Our team

Maxime Sixdeniers
Chief executive Officer

Aleix Megías Homar
Head of public relations

Artur Gasparyan
Head of platform development
Head of corporate identity

Florian Trost
Head of investments

McLee Kerolle
Head of legal affairs

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We are currently gearing up for a big relaunch of with a complete overhaul of all services we want to offer you with this evolving network.
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At SpaceBoard we are actively working on the development of our new platform meant for all actors of the space industry and featuring purposely created networking services. In order to help us shape an online social-professional network that is meeting your needs, we would really appreciate if you could answer a few questions:

Why did you join SpaceBoard's current platform?

To find information about a study programme.
To join my alumni community.
To benefit from professional networking.

What are your main reasons for joining a space-related professional network?

To be represented professionally online.
To connect with colleagues and classmates.
To look for professional opportunities.
To learn and share about space topics.

Can you rank these services in the order you think them most important on our new platform?

Professional profiles. Possibility to connect with other members. Subscription schemes (company news, university news...). Areas to debate about space topics. Database of relevant information.
very important

Are there any other services you would expect to have on such a platform?

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